Our Team

We are an approachable, dedicated, inspired and down to earth team. We bring passion and fun to deliver the best solution for our clients. Our team is what makes Principle Design what it is.

Sash Fernando / Creative Director

Graphic designer, visual thinker and world traveller, Sash brings with him a wealth of international experience, gained from both backpacking around the globe and working in New York, where he collaborated with (and learned from) two internationally respected design thinkers – Milton Glaser Inc and Michael Bierut from Pentagram Design.

Seven years ago, he combined his passion for design with his business skills to create Principle Design, an award winning multidisciplinary graphic design studio that helps clients to craft their brand, strengthen their purpose and communicate their intended message creatively.

Armed with the ability to recognise a client’s needs and the expertise to navigate complex challenges, Sash is passionate about collaborating with like-minded professionals that aspire to be better. He also loves getting to know each and every one of his clients, many of whom have become friends. Reach out if you would like to discuss your brand, your design possibilities or travel stories – his door is always open.

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Ruwani Fernando / Studio Manager

As Principle Design’s experienced studio manager, Ruwani is a registered architect with over eight years of industry experience and a diverse career portfolio.

Her time spent working for industry professionals such Mills Gorman and Architectus Melbourne provided her with the opportunity to develop her business skills and explore her creative dexterity, which later prompted her career shift to studio management.

These days, when she’s not working at the studio or pursuing her Masters degree in project management, Ruwani can often be found experimenting in the kitchen. A fantastic cook, she is fascinated by different cuisines and flavour possibilities, and sees cooking as yet another creative outlet.

Mike Flynn / Marketing Strategist

Mike has spent eighteen years in marketing leadership, communications and consultancy within the property industry. Throughout a career working for national developers through to smaller private businesses, he has launched and marketed retail, land, housing, apartment & retirement living projects across Victoria, South Australia and Western Australia. A marketing strategist and project management specialist, Mike’s experience includes project launch strategy, lead generation and conversion strategy, campaign management and communications and copywriting consultancy for businesses including Mattisse Communications, Stockland Retirement Living and Australand Residential.