Bio Diversity Protection Inc Branding

Biodiversity Protection Inc. is a group of fundraising organisations that works to protect the environment, both at state level across Australia and internationally. It also assists in fund generation for local charities that support environmental sustainability.

The identity system that we created unified the group’s various regional offices with a common visual language, yet imbued each with a distinctly individual persona. Using ‘branch’ in both its figurative and literal sense, the design for each element emanated from a tree that is native to the relevant geographic locality.

“Biodiversity Protection has collaborated closely with Principle Design, and has been impressed with the level of commitment to the task, particularly in terms of the professional quality of the collateral. Principle Design paid a lot of attention to our specified requirements, and went to great lengths to ensure that the final product accurately reflected our organisation’s core values. The attention to detail regarding colour and layout was exceedingly high.” — Tim