“Because with wine, life’s Bonnie”

Introducing the all new, casual artisan eatery at All Saints Estate, Rutherglen’s new local. Think country chic aesthetic meets artisanal pizzeria – a restaurant that’s all about the beautiful moments.

All Saints Estate approached us with a clear brief and the restaurant name already established. Bonnie, meaning beautiful in Scottish, was inspired by All Saint Estate’s heritage and was a big part of the tone of voice we developed when creating the brand story and overall identity. The illustrative elements of the brand were a big component of our design, helping to convey a friendly dining experience. With a target audience who value nature combined with friends, family, food and wine, the identity we created took elements of the surrounding area, along with the simplicity of beautiful moments.

Creating the voice for the brand was a big component of the brief, one which we developed through illustrative elements. It was equally important that we established a clear strategic direction – the direction the brand was heading towards from a design point of view, aligned to its parent brand, All Saints Estate.

Architecture by Technē Architecture