Compliance Lab Branding

Led by Hazel Smirlis, Compliance Lab is a small business and leading provider of management consultancy services for a diverse range of businesses and industries, specialising in safety, quality and environmental compliance. Through systems like the ISO 9001 management system, Compliance Lab is able to service clients by confidently upholding the industry standard to improve internal management and operational processes.

Principle Design was engaged by Compliance Lab to craft a brand identity and digital design that reflected the professional service that their team consistently delivers. The digital strategy had a strong focus on featuring Compliance Lab’s high-level processes and standards, accentuating their point of difference within the marketplace.

The brandmark design consists of 3 concentric circles, and was inspired by systemic gear structures which speaks of organised process and balanced systems. The symmetrical mark creates a sense of balance and continuity that references Hazels holistic approach to business and their high level of accuracy and credibility.