Chef Eddie Huynh’s passion is good food. With over twenty years of culinary experience, Eddie has been drawn to cooking since he was a child, closely watching and learning from the many beautiful meals prepared by his mother, who is a constant source of inspiration for him.

Eddie’s business, Ma Pasion, offers intimate private dining experiences. His approach to cooking, and the underpinning for Ma Pasion, stems from three core components: food, art, and love.

Eddie approached Principle Design to help translate his deep passion for cooking into his brand, website and collateral.

When designing Ma Pasion’s brand, it was important to embody Eddie’s approach to cooking and incorporate his three core elements.

We included imagery of food across Ma Pasion’s website. Specifically, food in relation to the physical act of preparing a meal (slicing, mixing, grilling etc.). Intimate shots of hands and cooking utensils tending to fresh ingredients express the humanistic, emotional side of food.

Throughout the brand, the layering of visual elements creates a complex narrative, mirroring the complexity gained from the layering of flavours in Eddie’s cooking, his art.

The colour palette of Ma Pasion — deep beetroot reds and purples — represents Eddie’s cooking style which is highly performative and imbued with passion. These bold hues are also commonly associated with Eddie’s third core component: love.

Through careful strategy and design, the Ma Pasion brand captures the essence of Eddie’s passionate and performative cooking — a mainstay of his private dining experiences.