Ms Frankie Italian Restaurant Branding

In the heart of Cremorne, Ms Frankie has brought the classic Italian eatery to life with a unique urban twist, that appeals to foodies and families alike. Born from family tradition and a fierce love of food, owners Melinda and Wani bring a unique energy and diverse experience to their new venture, ensuring every meal served is something akin to a religious experience.

Principle Design were tasked with creating a brand that would become the core of the restaurant, and encapsulate the energy and soul of Mel and Wani’s heritage. The proposed identity needed to demonstrate their respect and appreciation for the richness of Italian culture, while representing them as the future of modern Italian food. During our initial meetings, Mel and Wani’s passion for family was so apparent and visibly expressed through their animated hand gestures. These classic Italian hand gestures are true expressions of happiness, excitement, anger and fulfilment informed the the brand essence, epitomising all it means to be a modern Italian. Inspired by the qualities of hearty Italian food, we developed patterns and illustrations to represent iconic Italian foodstuffs that showcase the texture, flavours and organic shapes of hand-rolled pasta. We created menu’s, signage, wine glass, a website, matchbooks and a series of interior posters for the restaurant, which feature classic Italian phrases in dazzling gold and black, but more importantly showcase many of the family members and friends who are truly at the heart of the restaurant.

Our holistic interpretation of old and new Italian culture, family heritage and the life and soul of its owners has developed a brand that balances the richness of Italy and modern culinary craftsmanship.