Well & Good is an Australian-owned food company opening doors for the gluten-free and allergy-ridden community, to easily access and enjoy delectable baked goods. All products are made in a strictly gluten, dairy, and nut-free environment right here in Melbourne.

Previously we refreshed the bakery’s visual identity and designed packaging for their Seriously Low Carb range, an existing connection that transcended through to the project at hand. Our deep understanding of the Well & Good story instilled a sense of confidence in our practice but we needed to push further.

The first call of action was to familiarise our practice with the baked goods marketplace. Combining strategic workshops with qualitative research outcomes, we collectively arrived at the conclusion that the product range needed to reach further than just the gluten and dairy-free community. A holistic and inclusive graphical language that targets all lovers of baked goods steered our creative direction, leading us to a selection of illustrative designs and characters that represent what it means to be ‘Well & Good’, no matter who you are or what you can eat.