Royal Children’s Hospital 150 Years Celebration

The Royal Children’s Hospital is leading the way in infant through adolescent healthcare here in Victoria. Dedicated to improving the health and wellbeing of children, the RCH team delivers excellent care to those in need throughout Australia. Through leadership in healthcare, research, and education, the hospital’s passionate and highly skilled staff provide irreplaceable care to children and their families. Principle Design was approached by this wonderful hospital to help develop a website to celebrate and support the events of the Royal Children’s Hospital 150th Anniversary in 2020.

The RCH 150th anniversary website builds upon the strong yet approachable branding of the Royal Children’s Hospital. Celebrating the community they built, the site displays upcoming events, how to get in touch, an online store and encourages generous donations. The use of the bright colours from the distinct RCH branding helps to create a secondary visual language that guides patrons through the site. This combines with a unique floral background pattern to bring the RCH brand to life. The blend of these visuals curates a design that complements the interplay of targeting donors, patrons, parents, and employees alike in a seamless aesthetic. The result is a website that celebrates the optimism and positivity of the Royal Children’s Hospital to all members of its community.

Principle Design was honoured to have the opportunity to work with an organization that does so much good. It was a privilege to be a part of this phenomenal 150th anniversary of the Royal Children’s Hospital and help spread awareness for such an important institution.