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How to Switch to More Sustainable Packaging

Did you know that until last year, at least half the world relied on China for processing their recycled materials? As of June this year, the export of glass waste was banned in Australia. From July 2021, mixed plastics will join the list, followed by tyres in December. By 2022, there will be a complete ban on exporting recyclable waste. Australia can’t just dispose of their waste problem any more — we are now faced with burgeoning stockpiles of recyclable waste, or lose them to landfill. This means businesses will now have an even more vital part to play in addressing the increasing waste in our country.

You’re probably wondering how, as a small-medium business owner, can I do anything to help? And, luckily, there are plenty of ways! Let’s dive into a few.

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The Medium is the Message

Over fifty years ago, McLuhan coined the phrase ‘The Medium is the Message’. In his writings, he posited that what device we use to send and receive a message is more significant than the information itself. For example, the invention of the telephone holds more criticality than any subsequent phone call made using the appliance. This theory applies to print, television, radio, and the many scaffolds of communication that take shape over the internet.

When promoting your brand the content still matters but, if the medium is the message, then it means your chosen medium will drive your content. With so many digital platforms to tell your brand’s story, how do you decide which medium is best to get your message across? Let’s talk through a few channels with which your Brand might come into contact.

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Integrating Web Design with SEO

In an increasingly digital world, a visually enticing website is a crucial component for any brand trying to grow their business. However, if no one can find your website, it becomes like the proverbial tree falling in the forest.

So how do you ensure your website lands where people will find it—on that all-important first page of Google’s search results? Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a valuable tool in directing the right people to your site, but what some of us fail to realise is that SEO design should begin at the nascency of your website.

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Brand Architecture

Brand architecture, as the name suggests, is about how brands, products, and services are structured within a company. It’s like a blueprint for your company and its sub-brands, explaining how they relate to one another. In case you were unsure, a sub-brand is a subsidiary or secondary brand that branches off from the primary parent brand but often has its own name and identity.

Understanding the relationship with brands and sub-brands, and how to structure your business from a bird’s eye view, is critical to the longevity and overall vision of your company.

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Artisan Food Branding

How can small artisan companies make the most of their craft during a time of promise for small businesses?

As a remedy for our fast-paced lives, consumers are seeking out slow pleasures, products requiring one of the most in-demand ingredients: time. Artisanal food offers consumers a taste of ‘living slow’ without having to relinquish their busy lives. With the razing of brick and mortar stores—due to shifts in how consumers purchase goods—now is the perfect opportunity for small, local businesses to rise up.

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Packaged With Care

Good packaging design is a multifaceted and important process when it comes to branding. Not only does it support the quality of your brand, it increases repeat business and customer loyalty. People like nice packages. In addition to the anticipation and excitement of receiving a package, the ease, process and tangible experience of opening a package is just as important as the product inside. The importance of packaging is even more prominent in today’s economic climate. Here we unwrap the reasons why.

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Be Different

Everyone is different. Everyday is different. Every business is different. At Principle Design we therefore appreciate that every brand is different and has its own unique tone. Brand differentiation starts with understanding a business’ point of difference in order to make a difference. Standing out amidst competition requires a visual and strategic differentiation. Our point of difference explores an intuitive process backed by in-depth strategy with a team of talented people. We’re collaborative and we know this makes all the difference. 

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Branding For The Kiddies!

Branding for children is fun, creative and strategic. There’s more than what meets the eye when catching the attention of the little ones, it’s the big ones – the decision makers. Children are savvy. It’s not only important to capture their attention but to capture the attention of the decision makers that are purchasing for them (the adults). Child-centric brands range anywhere from toys to books, music, clothing, child care services, play centres, schools and the likes. Here we explore the ABC of successful branding for children.

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What’s Your Story?

What’s Your Story? Everyone has a story. So does a brand. Every brand has a story to tell whether it is where it began, how it evolved, who is involved, what shapes it and or where it is headed. Between the beginning and end, there’s the in between.

The story of a brand can be paralleled to any good story. There are characters, a plot, setting, point of view, style and theme. The key to communicating a brand story is good storytelling. A good brand story is meaningful, authentic and emotive. This is where design comes into play.

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What’s In A Name?

The name rings a bell. Or at least it should. The power of a great brand name is precisely that – powerful. A brand name ought to be memorable, distinctive, appealing and easy to roll off the tongue, let alone strategically well thought. Great brand names stand out in competitive markets. They insight a positive association in a consumer’s memory and subsequently build brand loyalty from a foundation of strong brand equity. The naming process requires a balance between strategy, creativity and foresight. 

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The Chicken or the Egg

The chicken or the egg – which came first? It’s a similar question when it comes to marketing and branding – which comes first? It really depends. In this article, we explore the theoretical, practical and adjoining unison between Marketing and Branding.

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Five Signs Your Business Needs a Rebrand

People don’t just want to buy brands anymore, they want to join them. This makes your brand and your brand strategy one of your business’s most valuable assets to your success. The power of a healthy brand is difficult to place a monetary value on, but brands like Telstra, Woolworths, and Coles are valued in upwards of $10 billion, with brand prominence and recognition at the forefront of their business. Such influence is not something to be taken lightly; a strong brand requires love and upkeep to ensure it’s continued vitality.

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