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Brand Strategy

Before you start fantasising about a new logo, let’s take a look at what really powers a brand.

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A Brand is More Than a Logo

Although the words ‘brand’ and ‘logo’ are often used interchangeably, a logo is only one small component of your brand, or brand identity.

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Introducing Principle of Hospitality

We are thrilled to announce our latest project, Principle of Hospitality — a marriage between Principle Design and the Open Pantry Consulting.

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Christmas Marketing

What’s your favourite holiday tradition? Whichever holiday festivities you enjoy, there’s a high chance commercial Marketing helped mould it into what it is today!

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How Strong is Your Website?

Whether your site is due for a creative and content refresh or you can no longer ignore the decreasing site conversion rates, having a strong digital strategy and presence is paramount in today’s digital marketplace.

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Branding for Your Law Firm

A law firm is still a business, and in order to flourish, companies require growth as part of their overall strategy—branding matters for your law firm. We outlay a few of the ways you can benefit from smart branding.

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Intellectual Property

When the topic of protecting your Intellectual Property (IP) is mentioned, what comes to mind? The Kylie Minogue vs Kylie Jenner brand dispute? Or, perhaps, the Winklevoss brothers vs Zuckerberg million dollar Facebook debacle? Most disputes involving intellectual property will not end up on the news or eventuate as a Hollywood movie. Still, it doesn’t mean it can’t impact your business or livelihood.

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