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The Medium is the Message

When promoting your brand the content still matters but, if the medium is the message, then it means your chosen medium will drive your content. With so many digital platforms to tell your brand’s story, how do you decide which medium is best to get your message across? We talk through a few channels with which your Brand might come into contact.

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Integrating Web Design with SEO

In an increasingly digital world, a visually enticing website is a crucial component for any brand trying to grow their business. However, if no one can find your website, it becomes like the proverbial tree falling in the forest.

So how do you ensure your website lands where people will find it—on that all-important first page of Google’s search results?

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Brand Architecture

Understanding your company’s relationship with brands and sub-brands, and how to structure your business from a bird’s eye view, is critical to the longevity and overall vision of your company. This is part of Brand Architecture.

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Packaged With Care

The importance of packaging is even more prominent in today’s economic climate. In this article, we unwrap the reasons why.

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Be Different

Everyone is different. Every day is different. Every business is different. At Principle Design, we, therefore, appreciate that every brand is different and has its own unique tone.

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The Chicken or the Egg

The chicken or the egg – which came first? It’s a similar question when it comes to marketing and branding – which comes first?

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