Architects Registration Board of Victoria Digital Design

The Architects Registration Board of Victoria is a self-funding statutory authority, which has as its primary responsibilities, tends to the registration & approval of architects and protection to all architectural practice in Victoria. Principle Design was engaged to design a website that communicates the authority & professionalism of the organisation and to create a user-friendly experience that users find intuitive to navigate through.

Principle Design created a digital strategy with a strong focus on functionality that was bold and intuitive. The target of the ARBV digital strategy was to create information hierarchy above the fold, including a simplified functionality of organising the high amounts of data, ensuring the usability of the menu.

The structure and strategy of the menu as a two-way menu system enabled a smoother experience in user journey. Colour and tone was implemented to create a strategic focal point to navigate the user through their digital experience. The branding tone of voice was art-directed through photography and a series of videos complimenting the ARBV story, defining the essence of the ARBV organisation ensuring that the integrity of the brand is held true.

As an accompaniment to the website launch Principle Design art directed a photography series and introductory video which feature striking, textural architectural imagery.

Crisp monotones are punctured with a vivid orange in a website design that works harmoniously with ARBV’s existing brand language and articulates the organisation’s sense of purpose.

You can view their website here.