Astor Theatre Overlook Bar Branding

Overlook is an all-day bar and café that is situated in the adjoining tenancy of one of Australia’s most famed cinemas, The Astor Theatre. In order to deal with the overflow of foot traffic, the bar was created to entertain guests as they wait for their screening of their film.

Piggybacking off of the 1920-1930s themed interior from the film, Principle Design, in collaboration with interior designer Emily Pedersen, created the art deco styled branding in order to create a sense of luxury and prestige about the café. Being located in the adjoining tenancy from the heritage listed Astor Theatre, the branding for Overlook needed to sit in conjunction with the aesthetic of The Astor but be distinguishable enough to sit on its own. Paying homage to the Stanley Kubrik film, The Shining, Overlook’s brand was created to have a symbolic relationship with the luxurious hotel in a hidden way.

The brand was used across a myriad of touchpoints that can be viewed throughout the experience of dining at Overlook. Large gold signage elements dressed the exterior windows which looked onto Chapel Street. Coffee loyalty cards were created with the addition of a themed, bespoke embossing stamp and menus were designed with textured paper and gold foiling to show the essence of opulence.