Autism Teaching Institute Branding

The Autism Teaching Institute (ATI) is an exciting cutting edge initiative by the Western Autistic School (WAS) that has broken new ground in the fields of School Education, Teacher Training provision and Vocational Training in Australia. Responding to the need of more teachers qualified to handle the special needs of children living with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), ATI provides state-of-the-art training courses for teachers of students with ASD, school leaders, and other professionals.

Principle Design has reinvigorated their brand with a contemporary logo mark and a complete overhaul of their website. As the primary touch point for current and prospective teachers, we developed an interactive student portal website that acts as an educational asset for the institution to facilitate communication of key course information, access to learning materials, assignment submissions, and discussion between students. The website interface is a critical pedagogical tool and elevates simple website design to a vital feature used in the daily structure of the institution.

Bold swathes of blue and green intersecting geometries represent the unique building blocks of autism teaching in that no two cases of autism are the same. The overlapping shapes are symbolically applied in unique patterns across the website pages to demonstrate a consistent quality across various bespoke applications.

The solid block letterforms of the logo are rounded by the smooth kerning of the custom typography to contemporise this highly recognisable logo mark. ATI’s new brand identity and website is now befitting of the inspiring and innovative work they do and will enable the institution to continue to empower teachers with the knowledge and skills to support the learning of children with ASD.

Visit their website here: autismteachinginstitute.org.au