Better Health Company

Better Health Company (BHC) is a leading health organisation that focuses on community initiatives, Their evidence-based programs are developed by expert health professionals. The end goal is a healthier and stronger community for all Australians.

Acting as the overarching brand for a number of sub-brands, the new identity demanded a strong presence that could stand up in any medium. Devising a strategy that considered parents, Healthcare Workers and children was an essential part of the brief that eventually initiated our brand direction. The decision to highlight the existing green in the new brand image was a tactical choice that promised continued brand recognition. We were able to comprise a visual language that reflects the origins of Better Health Company, whilst still elevating the brand with strong elements and emotive imagery.

We chose a typeface that evokes feelings of friendliness and sophistication. The bold nature of the text against the irregular soft edges creates a dynamic marque that is stable across all touchpoints. Steering away from distractions, the logo sits alone wrapped in negative space. Hosting a broad range of colours, the secondary language invites all demographics. Although bright and playful, the colour palette still maintains hues of sophistication, achieved by contrasting black and white imagery; coupled together, they tell a powerful brand story.

Better Health Company wants to innovate and challenge the status quo in the health education space. They listen to the unheard voices of our community, offering cost-effective health services regardless of age, culture or community. Our mission is to support initiatives, like Better Health Company and exercise the power of design to push community projects even further!