Box Hill BEC Brand Strategy

Box Hill BEC (Business Enterprise Centre) provide training, mentoring and general business advice to small businesses across Melbourne and Victoria. Box Hill BEC work closely with people to identify how they can make their businesses more successful and achieve their goals.

Principle Design worked alongside Box Hill BEC to develop a brand identity that was inspired by the process of moving forward, of growing and excelling. Featuring a vivid colour palette with complimentary citrus colours, the secondary graphic language intertwines and overlays the professional photography style to enhance their market perception as a professional and competent authority in small business growth. This uplifting brand is intended to inspire action with business owners looking for the next step in their business journey.

We worked closely with our website development partners to produce a complete overhaul of their website. As the primary touch point for current and prospective businesses owners and program participants, the site functions as the cornerstone of information with access to resources, event and contact. A strong digital presence extends their brand credibility and cultivates positive customer experiences.