Charcoal 57 Wagyu Dining Experience

Charcoal 57 is an exciting new concept in the BBQ dining sector with its integrated approach to hospitality and retail. Based just outside of Shanghai in the historic town of Suzhou, the new Japanese BBQ hotspot offers an immersive experience to connoisseurs of wagyu beef.  Its continuity of experience extends beyond the venue and into the kitchen, offering customers premium cuts of Australia Wagyu Beef to take home and enjoy.

To ensure a smooth collaborative process for the client and all of the disciplines involved, we conducted an in-depth strategy exercise to set the tone for the whole experience, including graphics, interior design and brand name. We collectively arrived at a set of brand outcomes that reflect Charcoal 57’s unique value proposition.

Through our exhaustive process, we connected ‘Charcoal’ – the cooking method and ‘57’ the ideal internal temperature for rare beef, to form a brand name that speaks to the long-standing traditions and cultures that encompass the brand story and overall identity. Delivering this core message was in the art of balance, the marriage of a sleek typeface and traditional Chinese script formed a logo that incorporates the English and Chinese translation of ‘Charcoal 57’, a legible logo marque that communicates to all audience members.

Gathering inspiration from, Australia, Japan, and China, the brand needed to reflect Charcoal 57’s culturally diverse narrative and be dynamic enough to elevate materials within the restaurant space. Collaborating with well-known architect and interior designer Elvin Tan, we created a secondary language that illuminates the various textures and moody colours found in the Australian rural landscape, something that is of intrigue to the Chinese audience. A number of delicate patterns spread across the interior walls, complementing the materiality of the space to elevate a customer’s presence when dining over a quick lunch break or perhaps an anniversary meal. All elements come together to articulate a multi-dimensional brand story that celebrates quality, culture, and authenticity.