Clancy Constructions Branding

Principle Design was engaged to craft a full suite of branding, website, print and videography for Clancy Constructions, an innovative, quality driven builder based in Melbourne.

The identity we created focused on the concept of the art of construction, which highlighted Clancy’s fine attention to detail and emphasised the craftsmanship evident in their work. We developed a bold brand language with strong logomark that utilised dark space, which we balanced with simple friendly typography.

Upon analysis of their current strategy, the new direction for Clancy’s branding was a push to target architects, developers and subsequently engage privatised clients. With a large focus on trust, Principle Design created a streamlined website that demonstrated Clancy’s high quality work in an artful and sophisticated manner.

The website and accompanying videography needed to communicate Clancy’s key point of difference whereby they enable the client to be involved throughout the entire construction process from the planning phase, through to project completion. It was therefore hugely important for the identity and outcomes to demonstrate the trust and transparency of communication between builder and client.

The branding was influenced by the built materials used throughout the construction cycle in conjunction with the growth pattern of families in homes. The resulting identity demonstrates the literal and metaphorical foundations of what it takes to make a home and showcases the inherent beauty found in materials and textures.

You can visit their website here.