Conversant High Performance Conversation Brand Strategy

Conversant is a business that focusses on using design thinking and conversations to generate positive outcomes to service clients world wide. With offices in the United States and Australia, they are able to work with complex organisations such as Australia Post, BP, Coca-Cola, DHL, Microsoft, Nike, Telstra and many more. Their approach is to use the power of conversation and leverage them in to crucial business assets to increase effectiveness, motivation and results. For over 27 years, Conversant has created organisational stability utilising design thinking to identify and resolve business problems.

We were engaged by Conversant to assist in creating a comprehensive branding suite that represented their unique service offering. This comprised of a brand strategy, stationery suites, proposal templates and information graphics. The newly developed identity was influenced by the idea of making visible the power and complexity of communication. By decoding key points of emphasis within a conversation, we were able to explore how conversation can take on different graphical forms, the presence of which is amplified by the use of a neutral colour palette of tonal greys, black and white. The logotype is comprised of a refined set of letterforms which reflect the geometry, rhythm, and sense adventure embodied by the accompanying ‘conversation graphics’. Conversant’s new branding suite, identity and collateral has enabled the business to be seen with a singular and unified voice to target Global 1000 companies and smaller businesses alike. They can now been seen in their true light as being the maestros of conversation leading to organisational problem solving.