Get Into Golf Digital Design

Golf Australia is the governing body for golf in Australia. Their goal is to raise the level of interest and participation in the game from grassroots golfers through to the elite levels, spectators, volunteers and associated industry bodies. Key responsibilities include conducting national tournaments and championships including the Australian Opens, managing the Rules of Golf and the national handicap system, and developing programs and opportunities to engage as many people as possible into the game.

Principle Design collaborated with Golf Australia to specifically promote the Get Into Golf program; Australia’s national program to encourage and promote adult participation in golf.

The Get Into Golf program looks to bring new participants into the game and to their facilities.

As a result, Principle Design created a Manual, Flyers and Campaign specific collateral. The intent of the Get Into Golf program was to change the perception of golfers and open doors to a different type of golfer. Principle Design resolved a participation barrier when it came to golf. The intention behind the posters and promoting the program was to capture the attention of potential new markets by positively altering people’s perceptions about golf. Our intention was to present the ‘Get Into Golf’ program as a genuine opportunity to try a new sport that someone may not have tried before. We opened the perception of people’s minds to consider playing golf.

The manuals, flyers and campaign collateral engage, challenge expectations and presented an opportunity for all potential golfers to participate in the ‘Get Into Golf’ program. We designed an opportunity for people to feel inspired to try something new.

Website: golfaustralia.org