Hungry Workshop Shelter Exhibition

Shelter is a letterpress exhibition featuring the work of 7 iconic Melbourne design studios: A Friend of Mine, Le Sphinx, Ortolan, POP & PAC, Principle Design, Round and The Company You Keep.

Shelter celebrates ideas of place, people and identity – with open hearts and open eyes. Proceeds from all sales will be donated to the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre.

Our descriptions of what home and shelter mean are diverse and often unexpected. Often these perceptions vary depending on our background, location and culture but the common thread is that home is a place where we have the freedom to do whatever we like, without judgment or fear, we can even dance naked.

The use of the “naked” blind deboss reflects the invisibility that the many people across the world who are without a refuge must feel. It is important that we open our eyes (and borders) to those who are without walls or possessions but most importantly without safety and shelter.

Everyone has the right to be warm, safe and free.

Framing by United Measures.