Leo Cussens Digital Design

Principle Design crafted a new website for the Leo Cussen Centre for Law, a renowned educational institution in Melbourne established in 1972. The website needed to communicate inclusivity, reputability and a quality focused approach to learning.

We created a content management system with great flexibility enabling staff to change information without affecting the established wireframe structure of the site. The structure of the wireframe was based on target audience and stakeholder analysis, taking into consideration the complete industry market, communication and hierarchy of information. This was to create a balance between function and aesthetic.

Usability is incorporated into the “Find Our Products” section through implementing complex conditional algorithms managing the flow of information and user experience. Integrated within the website is an event section with an external Leo Cussen Store. The accordion layout on the Search Result page works in assistance to information delivery in a structured incremental way.

The new website streamlines complex content and search functionality encouraging users to attend training programs and purchase educational tools. Our use of colour articulates the organisation’s brand values by balancing light and dark tones to communicate the history and future of the center. The juxtaposition of the light and dark is used throughout the website, incorporating the Leo Cussen brand colours to anchor the contemporary design on the existing visual identity.

You can view their website here.