Lyn-Al Fashion Branding

Inspired by her Indigenous Australian heritage and deep connection with her family, Lyn-Al Young creates elegant one-off pieces of wearable art.

“My hope is that every person wearing one of my designs will sense the spirit of Walumarra Nungurra (protection and peace)”.

LYN-AL approached us to create a suite of branding and a website which represented the organic, handcrafted feel that flows throughout the brand.

After meeting with Lyn-Al and learning more about her vision, we began creating a design concept celebrating Indigenous Australian culture in a bold and contemporary manner.

During our research, we became intrigued by Marrara tree carvings and the significance of the diamond shape within the Gunnai, Wiradjuri, Gunditjmara and Yorta Yorta people’s teachings.

Marrara carvings can be found on trees around Bora ground, which is a piece of land cleared out to an open circle for use as a sacred ceremonial place. Each tree would have a particular carving on them depicting a totem, journey or story representing the clan’s connection to the area.

These symbolic markings, waterways, totems and landscapes of her ancestral lands inspire Lyn-Al’s beautiful, handcrafted designs and are a major part of the brand’s identity.

Our designers took examples of these shapes and markings and began making a suite of icons, which would then be layered over images and used throughout the brand.

It was important that these icons were subtle and didn’t take anything away from the bold and distinctive products. Inspired by the traditional art, free-flowing and organic artwork was created by the design team, seamlessly tying product and brand together.