Mala Bang Restaurant Branding

Mala Bang is an exciting new hospitality venture from the Taste of Shanghai Group, that offers a unique Asian dining experience in the Sydney CBD. The create-your-own hot pot style restaurant explores the cultural essences of Eastern Asia with fun and fresh ingredients with limitless flavour combinations.

Principle Design was excited to work with this modern and innovative food establishment in collaboration with interior designer Emily Pedersen to create a comprehensive branding suite that included signage, packaging, bespoke typography, character development and illustration. Inspired by the true life story of owner Jennifer, we created a unique brand story that follows an energetic young female character with big dreams, a powerful spirit and persistence to succeed. We developed a visual narrative that showed her interactions with playful oversized ingredients based on those found in the signature Mala Bang broth, and an array of friendly companions.

The unique create-your-own dining style required thoughtful signage designs that communicated the ordering process to customers in a clear and engaging way. Having a thorough understanding of the Mala Bang user experience when navigating the restaurant, was key to ensuring that high levels of functionality and aesthetic were achieved. The meaningful and memorable nature of our expansive design elements ensured the successful embodiment of the youthful and authentic qualities of the hospitality business, all while increasing their customer exposure and engagement.

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Photography by Leticia Almeida.

MalaBang Branding