Ms Collins Entertainment Venue Branding

Ms Collins is an entertainment venue that fuses food, fashion, art and music. An identity of juxtapositions, Ms Collins draws inspiration from DIY punk aesthetic of the 1970s and underground international club culture. When brought together with the venue’s austere architecture, an exciting visual identity is created.

A hand drawn logo marque and torn paper were used to create a textured, grungy aesthetic. Provocative imagery was layered and collaged and used across various collateral pieces. A strong pink contrasted with black creates a dramatic colour story.

The former site of the AMP Bank during the inter-war period, 425 Collins St is an example of palazzo-style architecture, conservative and austere in style. The Ms Collins identity contrasts and challenges this style with a brash and bold identity that reflects the contemporary hospitality offering of the venue.

Eat Drink Design Awards 2014