Newry Street Richmond Branding

Newry Street is a boutique collection of 12 contemporary design-focused townhouses in a leafy pocket of Richmond. Each meticulously crafted home presents a seamless integration of colour and materials, design and functionality.

Principle Design’s approach to naming and branding the development was guided by our understanding of the vision behind the project and an ability to speak with clarity about the passion and artistry of those involved.

Newry Street’s architectural approach takes the historic vernacular of Richmond – the terrace houses and brick warehouses – and reinterprets them, creating a new vernacular that is sensitive to its context yet creates an individual sense of address through it’s articulated form. This inspired the ‘New History’ visual narrative that guided the brand language, focusing on the materiality and form of the build and keeping elegance, beauty and structure as the heart of the design.

Visit the Newry Street website here.