Olsk is a Melbourne based fit out and construction company working primarily with architects, hospitality and corporate clients to transform spaces. The company had previously been operating under a previous name that they felt no longer served the vision of their business. We undertook a naming workshop to develop a suite of options that would communicate their brand values: trust, strength and quality. We felt that an abstract name with no lingering linguistic connotations would be the most appropriate direction to create an enigmatic persona in the industry with no preconceived associations; it was a fresh start with a contemporary edge that would pique interest.

The name selection tied into the concept design to create an integrated brand strategy. We selected a shortlist of succinct one word names and showcased the options as bold typographic logomarks over tonal imagery. With a hint of Scandinavian influence in the phonetics, Olsk was deemed to have the most design potential and relevance to the values, vision and services of the business. In order to build legitimacy into the name, we extended the brand into a slogan – ‘The Olsk Way’ – which creates the suggestion and expectation of a consistent customer experience and defined expertise.

In developing the brand mark, we were drawn to the graphic potential of this short 4 letter word and the forms created by the dominant ‘O’. This solid typographic logo was balanced with delicate line work through the feature ‘O’ letterform. Combining the strength of the brand with the finesse and elegance of the line work, the brand identity system speaks to both their more corporate clients as well as the sturdy, trustworthiness of their contractors and operators.

The solidity of the logomark helps to create presence which was important for this growing business to assert their position in an industry with some big-name players. The new ‘Olsk’ brand identity holds its ground in a high powered field and communicates trust, strength and quality in their approach to their services, clients and building expertise- that’s the Olsk Way.