Sage Vantage – Risk Management Consultants

Sage Vantage are a management consulting firm specialising in strategic risk management. They believe that workplace safety begins with creating a culture of care; understanding that exposure is the result of a complex system and reducing risk is best accomplished through  systems and processes.

The firm approached us looking to evolve and inspire their brand into one that communicates a clear brand direction. They look at safety from a different perspective, the birds eye view, challenging advisors to integrate risk management into whole businesses as a means to be less indiscriminate and more precise. A rich green colour palette was chosen to communicate a high level of maturity that is carried through company practice and innovation.

We created a brand focused towards a vantage point. A broader perspective that acknowledges all the cogs that make a business function to maintain a high level of safety across all facets. The logo comprises a circle surrounded by four semi-circles to represent the holistic view of workplace safety, embedded across the brands policy and practice.

Sage Vantage are curious and considered in their approach to better understand organisations and their work. We followed these principles and were selective throughout our design process. Sage leverages their experience, knowledge of best practice and understands how technology is an important enabler for work.