TernX Luggage Solutions

Tern-X is an international, award winning lifestyle brand, solving family travel challenges with their innovative, forward-thinking products.

Setting themselves up to be a key player in the premium luggage space, TernX has entered the market with a unique selling point, ‘Huroo’, the world’s first hybrid carry-on luggage that transforms into a stroller for stress-free family travel. Designed in Australia with recycled materials, the TernX Carry On is engineered to last and be kind to mother nature.

Striving to ‘make every journey as enjoyable as the destination’, TernX aims to solve family travel challenges and keep kids happy for a seamless journey. This vision initiated our brand language and informed a distinct tone of voice that is family-friendly, design-driven and indicative of the company’s premium quality standards. The tone of voice combined with a bold colour palette and a playful secondary language forms a strong unified brand image, adding value and legibility to the TernX brand.

As a business that is equal parts design-driven and function-focused, the new logo marque was designed to act as a key communication tool, reflecting the sleek style and unique ergonomics embedded within the TernX product range. We crafted a compelling brand identity that can effectively promote itself in any product range and remain current through periods of expansion, the ultimate futureproof brand.