The Accounting Republic

The Accounting Republic is a firm offering bespoke financial services. They integrate long-standing expertise and humanistic practice to offer a quality service to small business owners.

A key focus of the brief was to marry values of drive and personability in order to create a visual language that represents all facets of the brand personality. The serif typeface speaks to the tradition of their service and communicates their anchored approach to customer care. They aim to offer peace of mind to clients by promising to navigate their business from where it is today to where they want it to be. This messaging was a key focus throughout the brand development and was considered and incorporated into each brand asset.

The firm now hosts a contemporary brand that has the ability to evolve whilst still maintaining a timeless feel. The brand tells a coherent story supported by bold graphics and playful colours. The theme of connectivity was consistent throughout the design process. We chose to emulate this through a unique logomark that intersects at the centre point. The marque communicates a story of growth and success, supporting the republic’s promise to nourish and support small businesses across the full spectrum of financial services.

The brand story and secondary elements aid in brand recognition across communication channels and collateral prints. Offering a range of digital touchpoints, the firm aims to engage with a millennial audience who wish to embark on a collaborative journey in business growth and development.