Tokyo Laundry Branding

Tokyo Laundry is a Sydney based restaurant located in Circular Quay. Offering a range of menu items such as sashimi sets to wagyu steak plates, the eatery is known for its high quality ingredients that are authentic to Japanese cuisine.

Principle Design, along with Architects EAT, were engaged to create a holistic brand and space for Tokyo Laundry that ranged from their logo to branded signage located in store. The brand was based on the notion of a Japanese laundry that reflected the liquidity of water, its movement in the washing process and the integration of water and inks. By experimenting with cloth, ink and water, a textural palette was created to be a prevalent stake across the brand.

The water, ink and movement was displayed throughout the interior of the restaurant across bespoke printed fabric to create a sense of luxury regarding the space.