Trade for Good – Online Trading Platform

Trade For Good (TFG) works as a meeting point between the client and their partner charities. They are committed to donating half of their standard brokerage fee, on every trade, to a charity of their client’s choice.

TFG approached Principle Design to revive their brand strategy and digital design as a means to support growth and extend their reach in the marketplace. We reinvigorated TFG’s overall brand design by adopting a vibrant yet sophisticated colour palette. The colours we used — navy, red, lemon and sky blue — work not only to complement one another but also catch the eye.

We used a sharp and simple typeface for the client’s logo design, ensuring sufficient clear space surrounding it to avoid visual clutter. The new brand identity presents a symmetrical logo and typeface, balancing the overall layout of communications, aligning with TFG’s purpose, vision and target market.

With a distinct photography style for TFG’s imagery, we ensured the focus was on showcasing the work of their philanthropic partners and relevant charitable sectors. The use of robust and emotive imagery (environmental and wildlife conversation, ending poverty and Indigenous education) — evoking a sense of compassion and sentimentality — work as a means to complement the sharp, clear tone positioned across all of TFG’s communications and website.