With over a decade of experience in building luxury residential and commercial properties, Visioneer approached Principle Design eager to reimagine their brand image. Their existing logomark featured the Visioneer ‘V’ with a faded blue and grey palette. Seeking to retain the brand recognition of the ‘V’ and draw out the blue to strengthen their visual impact, we evolved their concept using the ‘structure’ of a triangular grid. Lending an air of stability and rationality to the logomark, we extended the triangulated grid structure through the secondary brand language to create a delicate yet architectural pattern that reinforces the brand image in a more subtle creative expression.

Working alongside their passionate trio of directors, the business displayed a motivated preparedness to engage with the design strategy workshop and heavily involved themselves in the process of establishing their strategic vision that informed our design process. Reaching consensus on the approved visual direction, we then applied the approved visual identity across an extensive suite of collateral design, including office signage, uniforms and job site hoarding where the vivid cobalt and the segmented ‘V’ stand out amongst the industrial, urban landscape.

In order to bring the Visioneer brand to life on their website we set up a simple square grid structure elucidating an element of architectural minimalism and allowing their impressive portfolio of projects to dominate the visuals. Small design features elevate what is ostensibly a simple design into a curated experience reflecting their attention to detail and commitment to design excellence.