Western Autistic School Brand Strategy

The Western Autistic School (WAS) is an organisation that provides a range of educational programs for student diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).  Their highly individualised programs acknowledge that every case of autism is different and therefore manifests different social, emotional and intellectual challenges for students in the school environment. They endeavour to “fill the gap” in the education system and provide specialised support for students with ASD, and their teachers, to enable them to integrate into the mainstream education system.

WAS approached Principle Design to reinvigorate their visual brand strategy and digital design in order to affirm their presence as a leading educational institution and a critical link in the Victorian education system for students with special needs. WAS’s new brand identity represents their work in “filling the gaps” with vibrant colour blocking that absorbs the space between the letterforms of the bold typography. The unique shapes created represent the highly individualised approach required to overcome the challenges of each student at WAS. The interplay of words, colours and shapes creates a recognisable but varied motif that assists with navigation of the website.

The new WAS identity is not your typical school logo. Disconnecting themselves from the dull convention of serif emblems in traditional Australian primary schools, the WAS brand is sleek, colourful and straightforward and representative of their highly innovative and specialised educational programs. This unconventional approach has modernised their image and will provide them with a strong foundation to continue promoting the excellent work they do with children with ASD, providing them with the necessary support to flourish in the Victorian education system.

Visit the WAS website here: westernautisticschool.vic.edu.au

In our ongoing collaboration with the Western Autistic School we also conducted a rebrand of their teacher training initiative, the Autism Teaching Institute (ATI). Read more here.