WOWOWA Architects Digital Design

Reuniting with the WoWoWa team for phase two of their digital growth initiative was such a thrill! This round of web re-development aimed to nurture the architectural firm’s primary marketing tool and reinforce its brand image as a practice that celebrates boldness and bravery in all facets of architectural design. Featuring fuchsia pink and aqua green, the new website communicates their passion for dynamic and unique spaces.

The updated web presence envelops WoWoWa’s love of functionality whilst capturing their energy and social playfulness. Principle design created a unique website that emits a sense of humour with bold typography and enforces their passion for flexible design with well-crafted spaces throughout the website layout that welcomes their audience.  A clean but fun and sophisticated language was created through illustrative imagery and professional photography.

WoWoWa also required a web solution that would be used as their primary marketing tool that could be accessed in everyway from everywhere. With this in mind we created an online environment founded on simplicity and ease of use, creating an interface that is responsive, user friendly and mobile compatible.  Stylish and visually appealing, WoWoWa have a complete online presence that is easy to navigate and is enjoyable to use.