Good Design Gets You Noticed. Good Storytelling Ensures You Are Understood.

We’ve worked with lots of brands over the years, all of which have left a lasting impression both in our minds and those of their customers. This year, in particular, we’ve noticed a change. We’ve seen a shift in mindset with business owners and marketers questioning their brand’s integrity and what their business truly stands for. The uncontrollable occurrences over the last two years have repositioned stakeholders’ mindsets and left them questioning their brand’s purpose. These conversations around brand integrity and storytelling have proved to be a huge pain point for small to medium-sized business owners and marketers, as people don’t just buy brands anymore; they buy stories. As a result, while larger organisations have understood the importance of the investment, it’s the smaller to medium-sized businesses that have shifted their priorities, to focus on the power of storytelling.

Brands Don’t Sell, Stories Do

Storytelling resonates, connects, and ultimately sells. Telling your story right is a crucial part of building your brand. For a brand to succeed, it needs to be able to connect with its audience and create a sense of belonging. While consistency sets the benchmark for a brand, flexibility allows businesses to leverage any changing market trends and stay relevant to their intended audience.

A well-written narrative should grab your attention and entice you into wanting more. The same philosophy applies to your brand story, it’s a chance to spread a meaningful message that aligns with your business values to foster relationships with your audience. It’s the process of unpacking your business values that bring to life a narrative that can be articulated to an engaged audience. A consumer’s motivation to choose your product or service reflects the quality of your brand story and ultimately impacts their final purchase decision. It sets the tone for all your branding endeavors and therefore must be consistent across all forms of marketing content. In a crowded market, getting noticed comes down to having a clear voice and a strong story with language that depicts your brand’s personality and core values.

We think about brand integrity when telling the right story. Building a strong reputation, aligned to what your brand stands for and its ethos is an important part of the branding process. This plays into the idea of the brand promise. With this in mind, we collaborate with clients to craft brands that amplify the voices of organisations and institutions that deserve to be heard.

It takes expertise and experience to unpack and understand the ins and outs of a brand when developing a narrative. Therefore, understanding who you are commuting to and the intended audience plays a crucial role in telling the right story/telling your story right.  It is an opportunity to resonate with your audience. Because people don’t buy the products you create, they buy the stories you tell.

How Well Do You Know Your Audience?

Fluent visual literacy combined with a defined vision will form an articulate and powerful brand that will shape audience perceptions. A well-thought-out brand identity promotes itself to its intended audience, creating lasting experiences and memorable impressions, arguably one of the driving forces behind any successful company. Developing a clear brand language is the first step in producing engaging touchpoints that will attract your audiences and foster business growth.

Let your brand be the driver for your business. Knowing your audience and who you are communicating to helps identify these bigger branding conversations, ultimately fostering brand recognition, greater awareness, and trust.

We believe that a good brand can educate, uplift, and inspire and that it is our duty to use our expertise to assist brands that will positively shape the future. As brand strategists and designers, it’s really exciting for us to help clients better align and experience these brand moments, especially when it allows them to bring more meaning to their business.

We understand unpacking your story can be challenging, especially when a business is evolving and has so much potential for future growth.

We thrive on working collaboratively with businesses to distill their brand’s essence and articulate it through visual storytelling.

Get in touch and let us help you discover yours.