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Why Nailing Your Digital Strategy Matters

Identify Your Needs & Goals

As T. J. Watson Jr., put it, ‘good design equals good business’ and certain kinds of design can offer huge strategic value and great first impressions.

Whether your site is due for a creative and content refresh or you can no longer ignore the decreasing site conversion rates, having a strong digital strategy and presence is paramount in today’s digital marketplace. Many businesses choose to redesign their website as their business scales and grows, or as a means of a larger rebranding initiative.

Launching a new website or redesigning your existing one, can help you find the solutions to boost revenue and foster growth. With the right tools, you can improve your user experience and lower bounce rates, strengthening overall performance. Alternatively, if you’re a small business launching a website for the first time, using the right messaging that speaks to your audience and industry, will give you a digital presence that promotes growth for your evolving brand.

Define Your Story & Articulate Your Brand Voice

Every business has a story. So does a brand, often with design acting as the storyteller. Consider your business’ website as a means for sharing your story with your audience. It’s crucial to begin by defining the intention of your site and align your brand values and vision with the overall tone of voice you wish to convey. Keeping your style consistent by simplifying the brand language of your offerings, often makes for a smooth user experience, evoking a sense of credibility for your brand.

Think about how imagery can foster simplicity and assist in unifying the overall aesthetic of the website structure. Humanising your brand is also important, even if your product is a SaaS provider, your audience will love you for incorporating that human connection within your brand language and imagery, providing for stronger user engagement. This too will work towards setting yourself apart from competitors and will be a key feature to the style of your site.

Take the example of our collaboration with Uptick, a SaaS product whose business operates in the corporate and technology space. They found the technical language of their services proved challenging for their audience to understand so by incorporating illustrations, symbols and animations this worked as a better method for describing the sometimes complex workflows. This made it easier for the end-user to navigate their website but also to digest the information provided. By using a language that spoke directly and clearly to their defined target market, Uptick experienced considerable growth.

Align Your Digital Design With Your Brand Vision & Target Market

Ask yourself this: are we developing/redesigning a site to support overall growth, or are we investing in a digital rebrand to increase performance and conversions? These questions will help determine how you design your website in support of your vision.

Clearly articulate your value proposition to reflect the nature of your work, your people and your culture. You want all elements of your site to speak to your clientele, so carefully understand them while also supporting your unique visual direction that addresses the needs of your target market.

It’s also useful to remember that you are a specialist in your field and clients are coming to you because you know how to do something they don’t, and you know how to do it well. If you can’t translate that wisdom to the everyday voice, you may as well be talking another language. Helping your clients understand what you’re doing will allow them to feel like they’re a part of the process. Your digital presence should be an extension of this — it’s tempting to design your website for yourself or your peers, but it’s by creating for potential clients that will allow your business to flourish. A well-designed website, with your client in mind, will help build confidence and credibility, which in turn will build trust and a good working rapport.

Websites Bring Business

Your website and all that it encompasses is a key indicator of your business performance, so invest the right amount of resources and time into it. Leaving a positive impression can be easily achieved, and your business will reap the benefits.

In the highly competitive digital landscape, having a solid business and brand strategy is a crucial component for a cohesive website design that gets noticed and is optimised for search engines.

Whether it’s time for a rebrand or you’re about to launch a new website, this can breathe new life into your business strategy and support a new phase of growth and prosperity. The power of a solid digital brand strategy in business is evident. We’ve got years of experience in creating, redefining, and evolving websites and we would love to collaborate and hear about your project.

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