Packaged With Care

Unwrapping The Value Of Packaging

Good packaging design is a multifaceted and important process when it comes to branding. Not only does it support the quality of your brand, but it also increases repeat business and customer loyalty. People like nice packages. In addition to the anticipation and excitement of receiving a package, the ease, process and tangible experience of opening a package is just as important as the product inside. The importance of packaging is even more prominent in today’s economic climate. Here we unwrap the reasons why.

From a product perspective, packaging design plays a crucial element in securing safe logistics, efficient warehousing and meeting legal requirements. This is especially important with products in the FMCG category. Nowadays, it’s becoming increasingly important for the hospitality industry too.

Hospitality businesses are having to adapt their business models to suit COVID-19 restrictions, to varying degrees, respectively. Dine-in restaurants are either delivering door-to-door or adapting their physical premise’s offerings to suit temporary closures. It has economically and physically changed the way hospitality does business. This is where good packaging design comes into play.

From a marketing perspective, packaging is the single most important element in translating and transporting a brand’s offering from one location to another. Considering the brand’s story and how it visually communicates its tone of voice is important. In today’s instance, how hospitality brands communicate their tone of voice from restaurant to home. What previously would have been a customer’s dining experience is now an ‘at-home’ experience. Temporarily adapting a ‘go out to eat’ business model to ‘eat at home’ is a huge shift for the hospitality industry. Synergising a physical location’s brand language to an at-home language is where packaging makes all the difference. Providore is one initiative changing the at-home experience for hospitality with their fine selection of Melbourne’s best restaurants now delivering to your door. One of Melbourne’s favourite Asian fusion cuisine restaurants, Chin Chin, also continues its all sensory experience with home deliveries up to 10km and very cool packages.

Packaging enables the customer to see, feel and experience their favourite restaurant’s in-dining experiences at home. As such, some hospitality brands are packaging their treats and goodies to be delivered at home. Others are offering an in-home dining experience for customers to cook their own food.

Also incoming – the new world of ‘unboxing’. There’s a new trend on the digital streets where products are unwrapped from their packages and shown to an online audience. Such movements portray just how much our world is changing. These trends reflect that people not only enjoy unwrapping their items but also like to share their unpacking experiences with the world. Free promotion – who doesn’t want that?

Packaging is the tool that will keep a hospitality business’s brand alive during times of change. Furthermore, it encourages growth, adaptation and innovation for future reopening. Proactively initiating these changes through good design in an economically appropriate and viable choice for hospitality during transitional times. Strong brand language will insight the memory for customers’ to keep coming back – then, now, and in the future. Beautiful, reusable, eco-friendly, memorable and joyful packages not only reconnects your brand to the heart of your customers but positively spreads positive energy, both for your business and customer. Packaging is the connection between then and now, and now and the future.

If you’d like help to promote your hospitality brand, please reach out as we’re all in this together.

Packaged with care,