The Chicken or the Egg

Marketing and Branding

The chicken or the egg – which came first? It’s a similar question when it comes to marketing and branding – which comes first?

It really depends.

First, let’s look at marketing. Marketing is a set of tools, processes and strategies to promote your product, service or company. Marketing is an action that connects your customers to your business. Marketing considers a target market, campaigns, strategies and other measurables that define business activities. Marketers would say that marketing shapes branding.

On the other hand, branding strategically relates to the core values, assets, and consistency in communications. They use typography, image, layout and design to establish the tone of voice to intended target markets. Branding suggests that a brand initiates marketing activities.

So as you see, there is unison between both. It’s a mutual synergy.

Whilst possible to infinitely counter-argue the chicken or the egg causality, we believe it’s an adage universal question that begs to differ. There’s a reason it’s a question and why the metaphor uses the word ‘or’. Either or, everyone has their own view on it. There is no right or wrong in our view. It depends on the business model, purpose, vision, goals and budget as to whether marketing or branding comes first. It’s relative in any given scenario. Marketing and branding hold their own place to varying degrees, respectively. Sometimes it’s the chicken, and sometimes it’s the egg. It’s a true collaboration.

What are your thoughts?