Brand & Logo Design

A brand is more than a logo or colour palette, it’s a visual manifesto that communicates the values and vision of a business or organisation. Our strategy-first approach allows us to understand the culture, history and values that make your business unique, bringing clarity to the visualisation of your business through brand design.

Whilst we recognise brands visually, we engage cognitively and we buy from brands that prove their value and connect emotionally. We take a holistic approach to branding that creates a visual identity, brand story and customer experience to build recognition, engagement and conversion. We bring business and brand strategies to life through the creation of a distinctive, long-lasting and informed visual identity that reflects your brand purpose, speaks to your target market, and applies to all brand touchpoints both on and offline.

Visual identity design often involves morphing or abandoning an existing brand identity and can mark a new phase of growth for businesses. Through this rebranding process, we draw on the communication strengths of your established business and build off the existing brand equity to leverage your new identity. Brand recognition can be drawn into a new visual identity through colour palettes, typography and other visual elements.

An integral part of any business is the logo design, a unique identifiable mark which helps your business stand out from your competitors. We place this at the core of our brand design as the centerpiece of your visual identity. Many businesses are multi-structured, and may have a number of sub-brands or affiliated companies, which requires a more complex design approach than for designing a standalone identity. For instance, any brand with multiple or sub-brands, must utilise a balance of consistency and differentiation in their designed elements in order to create a suite of brands which are identifiably related, but also easily distinguishable as separate brand with different services, products and/or values.

At  the completion of the brand design, we provide you with a style guide to your unique brand identity, which will explain how to use your brand mark and visual language elements consistently.

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