Wayfinding & Signage

Wayfinding and signage are highly influential in determining our experience of space. For commercial entities, effective branded signage assists with brand recognition and ensuring positive customer experiences.

For larger-scale infrastructure building projects, wayfinding is an integral component of defining the experience of navigating a space, acting as the connection between the building and the inhabitants. Using human-centred design principles to understand the spatial experience, customer journey and navigation of a site, we craft a wayfinding strategy that prioritises function first to ensure a seamless spatial experience. When translating this into practice, our goal is to aesthetically align the signage design with the architectural intent of the building. We aspire to emulate the design quality and intent of the architectural concepts and extrapolate them into complementary signage packages.

No matter the scale or sector, we work seamlessly with architects, property developers, construction teams, engineers and clients alike to craft custom wayfinding experiences that enhance the user experience of space.

Check out our Signage & Wayfinding folio or get in touch to learn more about our wayfinding process, obtain a quote or talk to a consultant- we’re here to help.

Our Signage and Wayfinding Services include

  • Wayfinding Strategy
  • Journey Mapping
  • User Experience
  • Signage Design
  • Information Graphic Design
  • Environmental Advertising
  • Office Signage
  • Exhibition Spaces
  • Placemaking
  • Contract Administration
  • Schematic Design