Be Different

Brand Differentiation

Everyone is different. Every day is different. Every business is different. We, therefore, appreciate that every brand is different.

Brand differentiation starts with understanding a business’ point of difference in order to make a difference. Standing out amidst competition requires a visual and strategic differentiation. Our point of difference explores an intuitive process backed by in-depth strategy with a team of talented people. We’re collaborative, and we know this makes all the difference.

We understand that your brand may be different for any number of reasons. Whether it ranges from price differentiation, the market you are competing in, your brand story, product innovation, style of industry, economic climate or unique selling proposition, we dive deep to understand you.

Understanding the voice of your business is how we make your brand stand out from the rest. Whilst a logo design and or redesign can be a point of differentiation, it’s not the only way. A brand might have equity, but there’s still other points of differentiation that can give it a particular style and tact to compete from. This can be harnessed through visual language. Giving your brand a voice through secondary language offers an energy that enhances its position in the market.

Highlighting every possible point of differentiation for any given project would result in an infinite scroll of information in this journal post, so we’re keeping this one sweet and simple. Check out the visual and strategic difference we’ve made with our clients by viewing our folio. Here we highlight the projects in which we’ve made a difference.

With a difference,