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Melbourne Design Awards Presentation

Thanks to Melbourne Design Awards for a great design awards presentation on Wednesday evening.  It was great to chat to the other award winners and to pick up our 2016 trophies. Here is a photo of Sash and Emily just after they collected our four awards!

We love this award winning project from Ewert Leaf (who were are currently working on a new brand and website for).

Think Asia Featured on Brand New

Principle Design’s identity for Think Asia was featured on this week’s ‘Friday Likes’ on Brand New.  We love Brand New’s description of the identity as “an unconventional typographic concoction that is bold, stylish, and Asian-ish in a non-obvious way”

You can read the Brand New article here and find out more about the Think Asia project here.

Tetsujin Bar & Restaurant Features in Artichoke Magazine

Our collaborative project with Architects EAT was featured in Issue 55 of Artichoke Magazine.  It’s a great feature with an explanation of the concepts behind the design and interiors and stunning photographs of the restaurant by Derek Swallwell. Ella Leoncio writes:

“A full-sized Tetsujin figurine – the animated iron man character that the restaurant is named after – is suspended from the ceiling. A graphic mural by Principle Design is printed across the walls, gathering in intensity as it travels deeper in the space and further from the sushi train.  It terminates at a full bar at the opposite end where projections illuminate the building opposite.”

Melbourne Design Awards 2016 Winners

We are excited to announce that this year we have been awarded four Melbourne Design Awards. Our vibrant ‘Order vs Chaos’ inspired environmental design for Tetsujin Bar & Restaurant was awarded a Gold Award and Moroccan Soup Bar, Emerald Hill Residence and Enquire Within each received a Silver Award.

We would like to say a huge thanks to everyone we collaborated with on each of the four projects: Architects EAT, Samuel Ho, Tatjana Plitt, Melbourne Books, Peader Thomas, Sean Tanner & Emma Goldsmith.



Principle Design Birthday Cakes!

Alongside a passion for design the Principle Design team has another creative outlet…birthday cakes.  With a little help from the bakers at Brunetti we challenge ourselves to create the most unique, colourful and delicious cakes possible for each of our team.  Here are some examples of our recent creations!

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A Miniature City Built from Metal Type

Type City is an artwork by artist Hong Seon Jang that uses pieces of movable type from a printing press to create an elaborate cityscape.

See more of Song Heon Jang’s beautiful work here.

Design in a Nutshell

The Open University UK have created a super cute animated series ‘Design in a Nutshell’ to entice prospective students. In just a few minutes, you get a whirlwind tour of six central movements in design history, from Gothic Revival to Postmodernism. They’re all gorgeous but we especially enjoyed the one on Bauhaus. Watch them all here.

Engaging LED Interactive Wall For Children

An engaging and unique experience for the children at the Great Ormond Street Hospital in the United Kingdom.

This installation uses LED panels and bespoke graphic wallpaper to create an entertaining experience for the children on the way to the theatre room.