Feminista is a non-profit online platform offering insightful feminist analysis about all aspects of life. Feminista Journal is a platform that is accessible to a range of women of different ages, to contribute to and write about a wide range of issues. Editorially curated, women are able to submit thoughtful long form articles covering a broad spectrum of topics including parenting, work, mental health, amidst other topics.

Utilised as a positive and empowering platform that allows women to express anonymous and or private views, we were intrigued by mixing editorial typefaces and glyphs in various shapes and sizes in order to represent Feminsta as a brand that has the ability to communicate confidence and intellectual thoughtfulness in a subtle yet sophisticated way.

We created a logo of transitional typeface utilising a high contrast design with sharp, triangular serifs and features with tight spacing reflecting both a fluidity and openness, yet a clarity and truthfulness.