Principle of Hospitality (POH) is a collaboration between business owners and industry veterans, Shaun de Vries of Open Pantry Consulting, and Sash Fernando of Principle Design. They wanted to marry the importance of great storytelling with a deep understanding of the hospitality industry, and create an inclusive online hub for all hospitality professionals; to nourish and support their growth within the industry. POH is here to disrupt current perceptions of what the hospitality industry can achieve in today’s ever-evolving and often challenging environment.

POH also collaborates with a wide variety of businesses and personalities, which means there would be a need to regularly draw from a wide range of imagery as well as other branding. Therefore, it was essential to design a timeless yet versatile brand identity, almost like a ‘recognisable’ blank canvas.

POH’s simple yet striking black and white colour palette, across their branding and website, complement the many talented people collaborating with POH, ensuring not to overshadow its guests.

The iconic lines, as part of the POH logo, represent the many layers of service in the hospitality industry and endorse a sense of structure and stability.

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