Located in Thornbury in Melbourne’s north, The Distiller is a new bar concept part of the bigger Top Shelf International, an Australian diversified branded spirits company with a core purpose to promote, celebrate and enjoy our distinctive Aussie way of life. The bar has its own personality, one that isn’t afraid to be bold with all beverages distilled right here in vibrant Melbourne. The Distiller will form a part of the Welcome to Thornbury precinct. Featuring two distinct areas the bar is pitched at a moderately sophisticated clientele who will engage with the distilling process. The bar houses a large still that is visible from the street, creating a level of intrigue. Cocktails and mixed drinks will be served, food coming from the trucks serving the crowd at Welcome to Thornbury.

We developed a brand that was focused towards typography, bringing sophistication to the hospitality sector. The inclusion of collages helped to create a brand experience through a vintage and retro visual language, whilst still encapsulating a voice that speaks to whisky and vodka enthusiasts and those in the beverage industry.

It was important to the brand that we established an energetic, bold and creative identity that celebrated the distinctly Aussie way of life. The secondary language of the brand has a classic and timeless feel to it and is one which has the ability to be evolved internally.