Helping Build Community Brands

This new year is a time to reflect on the incredible efforts showcased by our health care sector. Each arm has played a vital role in protecting our community and returning a glimmer of safety to our realities. We are immensely grateful for the integrity, passion and perseverance displayed by each frontline worker. Collaborating with organisations in this space has brought us closer to the issue, realising there is not one answer or one person, it’s a collective community effort, and we couldn’t be prouder!

As vaccinations became mandatory for the community, many disadvantaged Melburnians were left questioning their eligibility. The co-health team made it their mission to provide educational resources and vaccination hubs as a means to reduce health inequity.

Scientists, researchers and hospitals have been tremendously instrumental in supporting a community struck with fear, questions and little hope. We acknowledge the generosity and support granted by Walter Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research, Eastern Health and Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre. We are humbled to have partnered with organisations that align with our empathetic company nature and feel privileged to have serviced their branding and communications through an international health crisis.

We plan to dive deeper into our work for the community sector. We are engaged in creating more service offerings veered towards brand and communication strategy, social media, and marketing. These offerings will create a more diverse and broader scope of work for Principle Design, helping to create more sustainability in the community.